Our story

Hello & welcome

Named after the postcode, 2773 is a celebration of everything we love about the Blue Mountains.

Having grown up locally, we always suspected we had it good. But it was when we travelled far from home, we really got a sense of how rare and special our region and community is.

So when we saw the Ross St homestead site up for sale – a home in the heart of town – it sparked the idea we could create a place that reflected everything great about the ‘somewhere’ we choose to call home.

A place everyone can come together – to work, relax or play. A place that nourishes your soul and reminds you what’s important in life. A place you can bring your dog, your kids, your parents, and your friends. A place where you are seen, known, and welcomed. A place that belongs to us all.

Welcome to 2773 Glenbrook.
Shane & Belinda

Our team

Creating a place where everyone belongs comes down to our amazing people and their passion to celebrate all the things that make our neighbourhood great.

Andrew Carroll
Operations & Logistics Manager

Natasha Nielsen
Business Development Manager

Jack Huckstadt
Executive Chef / Venue Manager

Charlie Simpson
Senior Manager / Venue Manager

Ella Wallace
Venue Manager

Naomi McLaughlan
Venue Manager